It’s like jumping out of an airplane. Suddenly, everything you knew is gone and you’re flying free, feeling the air in a fresh way, moving in new directions, it’s the same reality from a new […]

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The topography and ambience of outdoor landscapes present variety and challenge. I start in stillness, absorbing the sights, sounds, smells and even the feeling of the environment. Sometimes it requires a hike into the heart […]

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Water flows, drawing the eye with an irresistible pull. When I compose an image, the water movement and wave patterns are my design elements. Wisps of water, like brush strokes, define the photograph with winding, […]

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Spring and summer are filled with lively colors and sweet floral scents. My favorite time in the garden is early morning, when I can experiment with the colors and textures of the bountiful landscape. A […]

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Up Miner Basin.gif


The forest is deep and mysterious, and trees hold stories in the rings of their towering trunks as they reach to the sky. Sunlight plays hide-and-seek, appearing through changing leaves and seasons. My goal is […]

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