What do you look for in a photograph?

Is it realism? Color? The play of light? Movement?

How does an image make you feel?

Curious? Excited? Intrigued? Inspired? Happy or sad?

Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but images impact us in many ways. Often it will be related to the experience I had capturing the scene or composing the visual impact, and that communication between the moment and the image is transformational.


Through the years my work has evolved, incorporating innovating aspects of digital photography and technical advances. This has provided the opportunity to create a more impressionistic interpretation and presentation. Merged with vivid color and a sense of serenity my compositions convey a spontaneous graphic flow that becomes fused in the moment the shutter is released.

Water and motion are design elements I use to create intrigue and mystery. Forest images, with their strong vertical lines and saturated colors, create depth and atmosphere.

Intentional camera movement and extended exposures help me capture my experiences and perceptions. When using these techniques, I stretch the rules of composition and incorporate light and color to conjure up an impression of a scene.


I began as a photographer in 1969 in photojournalism, which is a documentary or representational style of photography, with my images appearing in newspapers, magazines, print publications and stock agencies.

I received a degree in Photography from Western Kentucky University and moved to Montana in 1975. After teaching photography at Montana State University in 1985, I established a small publishing company focused on travel and recreation. Photojournalism was the catalyst that secured a lifelong involvement in Montana and the Northern Rockies.


Join me in experiencing the intensity, the excitement, the vividness of my world, and see what emotion or reaction the images could stir in you. Invest in timelessness beauty, add to your personal collection or simply expand your senses by owning unique art.

You can purchase a 11×17 archival print on 13×19 size paper (limited editions of 75). Custom sizes are available. Please contact me to make a purchase or for more information.

Shipping within the USA is included with the purchase of a print and comes with a lifetime guarantee against fading or color shift. Photographs are printed with museum quality archival inks and fine art papers.