IMG_8229---ICE-BUBBLE-c49.gifBleeding.gifIMG_8946-2---globe-bubble-c70.gifBlue Oil Drop.gifBlue Shift.gifBlue Web.gifSun Wind.gifNative Sky.gifFoil Beach.gifMorphing.gifVigilant.gifOpalescence.gifRock Fall.gifYellow Marble.gifOutland Orbs.gifRiver Shaman.gifDust Storm.gifFeather 2.gifPurple Paper.gifSwiftcurrent.gif
It’s like jumping out of an airplane. Suddenly, everything you knew is gone and you’re flying free, feeling the air in a fresh way, moving in new directions, it’s the same reality from a new perspective.

That’s what abstract is to me. A unique way of revealing the textures and structure of common-place things to stretch the imagination.

Some of my materials are ordinary objects like foil, a grape or scraps of felt cloth blowing in the wind. Other images are a result of creative experiments with condensed milk, food coloring, peroxide and cooking oil. The results can be surreal and compelling.

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