Angelical.gifWest Fork of the South Fork.gifFade to Day.gifVaporous.gifIMG_2888---hylite.gifCollision in Time.gifIMG_3008---hylite.gifCascades.gifGlow.gifAfter the Rain.gifLunch Creek.gifEmbrace.gifEmerald Creek.gifFiner Forces.gifFirst Light at the Falls.gifFluid.gifHarmonies.gifIce Shards.gifLiquid Experience.gifMindfull Moment.gifOasis.gifPalisade.gifQuiet River.gifRhythm River.gifRipples.gifSanctuary.gifStream Line.gifWaterfall Cove.gifWay of the Stream.gifSnow Caps.gif

Water flows, drawing the eye with an irresistible pull. When I compose an image, the water movement and wave patterns are my design elements. Wisps of water, like brush strokes, define the photograph with winding, twisting and explosive lines.

My use of extended exposure enhances the highlights, and allows the colors of browns, greens and yellows of rocks underneath to be revealed, contrasting with the deep blue of the skies overhead. The river’s current moves through the frame, and I use the knowledge I’ve gained from studying the water’s flow to capture the mood.





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